In 2015, the site of the Circus Street Fruit and Veg Market in Brighton was cleared to make way for a new development. Since 1936, Circus Street had been the mainstay for many families who worked in the wholesale market trade. Grandfathers, fathers and sons worked alongside each other in a space which was noisy, smoky, vibrant, full of laughs and banter - a place that had a real buzz.


As the world changed, and the big supermarkets reduced the numbers of independent traders in the city, the market dwindled from a thriving place of trade to just a few remaining businesses, and in 2004 the Circus Street Market brought down the shutters for a final time.


Now all the memories are buried beneath the rubble. Hawkers Pick Over Fruit Here is a study of family, change and loss.

Commissioned by South East Dance

Made with funding from Arts Council England.

Produced by Becky Edmunds and ArtsAdmin.

Camera: Lucy Cash

Edit: Becky Edmunds

Sound Design and Music: Scott Smith


A film by straybird