Becky Edmunds and Fiona Wright (both born in England in the 1960s), have never physically experienced war. They have lived through a Cold War, the Gulf Wars, a war with Argentina and one with Afghanistan. They heard the stories of long ago wars from their parents and grandparents. They have been looking out for suspicious packages on public transport their whole lives. But they have never felt the physical impact of a bomb, nor had to listen out for the threat of approaching planes. They don’t even know any soldiers. War has been remote to them, kept alive in their imaginations by a steady stream of images across an increasing array of screens.


Distant Wars is a project that responds to impossible questions about the presence and proximity of war and the impact of remote technology when the action is far away and out of anyone’s hands.


Using found footage and performance to camera, with music and sound design by Scott Smith, Distant Wars is a multi-channel video installation that invites its audience to participate in its composition.


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